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In general

Designed with beginners in mind, this course is perfect for children ages 6-12 years old.
With a total of 8 fun, step-by-step acrylic art painting projects, your child will learn the skills to create masterpieces of their own long after the course is completed

  • Class size: 5-7 kids.
  • Class duration: 90 minutes
  • Age range: 6-12 years old
  • 8 weekly lessons.
  • Price per learner: 30CAD/week
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What students will learn

8 amazing acrylic paintings topics, your kids will gain:

  • Understanding the most basic knowledge on Acrylic painting.
  • How to use a brush for different painting effects, and describe variety features.
  • Mix and apply values of color as they are observed to create many form in a painting.
  • Participate in an activity that cultivates critical thinking skills.
  • Develops hand-eye coordination, and encourages self-expression.
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Let’s see our student works

With a total of 8 fun and unique acrylic art painting projects, your child will learn the skills to create masterpieces of their own long after the course is complete.

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See what people are saying

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Trang Tong

Mom of Andy

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Zwe is an excellent teacher that every kids could ask for, the ones that listens and nurtures the learning process with great care to each of his students. He is also a brilliant professional artist, well-acknowledged in commercial business for his creativity and competency. 

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Hanh Nguyen

Mom of Lucy and Anna

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My 8 year old took a children’s art class from Zwe Pham. My daughter loves art and drawing. He absolutely loved his art class. Zwe was friendly and encouraging. We will definitely be booking more art classes with Zwe in the future. I’m glad we did it.

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Nora Nhung Nguyen

Mom of Sam 

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I’m so thankful to know artist Pham and to be able to grow the painting seed to my kid during the pandemic, via online education. Artist Pham is an enthusiastic educator who shows great skills and empathy in nurturing and motivating a young child. I have no doubt in his passion and devotion to art. I’m so proud. I highly recommend artist Pham.

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Acrylic Class on Air

Our virtual classes for children were announced as a good solution for gifted and artistic local children when pandemic outbreaking. 

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Materials needed

What need to be prepared

[/col] [/row] [accordion] [accordion-item title=”Device with internet”] [/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Acrylic Colors, Set of Brushes and Papers”] [/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Others ( recommended )”] [/accordion-item] [/accordion] [/section] [section label=”instructor”] [row] [col span__sm=”12″ align=”center”] [scroll_to title=”about_instructor” bullet=”false”]

About Instructor

Learn more our teachers

[/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″ divider=”0″] [ux_image id=”1909″ image_size=”medium” width__sm=”100″] [follow title=”Keep in touch:” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/zweartist” linkedin=”https://www.linkedin.com/in/zwepham/” email=”[email protected]” phone=”6479942909″] [/col] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″]

Zwe Phạm 

Teaching and bringing art closely to daily life is what he loves to do! He has gained more than 8 years teaching experience with 4000 students. Besides, educational transforming is really easy-to-understand, his classes tend to focus on creating an environment that makes children feel happy, motivated, confident.

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